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Sergey Dmitriev.

Here is one page about Sergey Dmitriev. I'm 39 years old fellow of Russian origin, for the time being living in Norway. I like Oslo a lot and think that this is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. This is where I feel home. I have couple of hobbies that I can't live without: learning new things and diving. If you want to know me a bit closer and are into psychology specifically into Myers-Briggs Type Indicators you can read everything you find about ENFP. 99,9% of the stuff will be true :-).

Where does Sergey Dmitriev come from?

I was born in Russia. In the city of Murmansk. Something that makes me proud without a reason :-). I just love this town. I've studied in Murmansk both at school and at the University and spent almost 20 beautiful years there.

Where does Sergey Dmitriev live now?

In Norway. Norway has come into my life in 1993 when I came to Båtsfjord to study Norwegian language and fishing industry. I've spent a year there and came back to Russia to finish my University degree and showed up back in Norway at Høyskolen i Narvik in the year of 1997 again. In 1999 I moved to Drøbak (30km south from Oslo) and finally in 2001 to the city of Oslo, where I live happily together with my family.

Family of Sergey Dmitriev.

I have my mother still living in Murmansk, my brother with his wife and kid in Israel and myself in Norway. As you can see we are a little bit spread over the globe, but we keep in touch. I'm happily married and have three kids Julia, Maxim and Denis.

What does Sergey Dmitriev do for a living?back to top

I am a co-founder of Agile Coaching company Unusual Concepts where I work as Business Agility Coach (my full CV, and a LinkedIn profile). It's been a long time since I got involved in WWW. I celebrated 20 years anniversary of my nickname (blackie) in 2013. And was involved in many interesting projects:

I was working as project manager for quite a while as well and completed a course of Project Management in 2004 to polish my knowledge in this field. My professional areas of interest are: agile software development, web standards and search. I'm the first and only Certified Scrum Trainer and always willing to learn something new.

How do I contact Sergey Dmitriev?back to top

This one is really easy. You can find all the information you need to get in touch with me here.


If you want to send me a super secret e-mail, so that only me can read it, you can download my public GPG-key


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